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Here is an overview of our trip:

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Our 2012 Spring Trip

We are back from our visit to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the surrounding National Forests and other natural areas in North Carolina and Tennessee.

We take nature's beauty as a witness of God's love for us, and are happy to share that beauty with you in our photographs and descriptions of what we saw.

Please checking back as we fill in missing entries.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012- Over to Smokemont Campground on the North Carolina side of the Smokies.

Along Little River Road there are short trails going into the woods called "Quiet Walkways". Without gearing up or being experienced at hiking, a visitor can take a quiet walk into the wood to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the forest.

Sign at a "Quiet Walkway".

I walked into the woods along this short "Quiet Walkway" trail.

Another trail on the opposite side of the road led me to this moss with spore heads.

I took this photo of a small butterfly at the RV dump station  near the Sugarlands Visitor Center.

The road across the mountain from the Tennessee side to the North Carolina side has many scenic views. Stopping at the overlooks makes it easier to enjoy them.

Moose Parker, Chipper, and Misty had their own picnic at the Chimney Tops Picnic Area.

Bishop' Cap blooms on theCove Hardwood Nature Trail
at the Chimney Tops Picnic Area.

Roots of a fallen tree along the Cove Hardwood Nature Trail.

Newfound Gap Road has a 360 degree curve on it!! Really- like a corkscrew, the road climbs up , around, and crosses over itself on a bridge.

Another tourist was nice enough to take my photo at one of our favorite overlooks. A nice place to take a break from climbing on a very windy mountains road.

The small white line between the trees is the road from Newfound Gap down to Cherokee on the north Carolina side of the mountains.

Another view of the road from the Newfound Gap Parking area.

An un-retouched photo of Letty in the RV with reflections of me and the trees and the other parked cars in the background. Sort of a self-made photo montage.

The parking area at Newfound Gap.

Letty took a 'walk' with me around the Smokemont Campground.

I had to concentrate to cross this narrow bridge on the short nature trail at Smokemont Campground. Watch your step- Robin Hood may pop out of the woods and fight Little John on the bridge right behind you!

Fleabane in the campground.

Letty waiting to show me a wildflower along the campground road.

This is my 'photo tracker'. It records a GPS location every 5 seconds, which can be downloaded in the computer and compared with the timestamp on a digital photo to determine where it was taken. Here I am marking the exact time I took this photo, so calibrating the times will be easier later.

Blue Phlox.

The 'Crew' in there normal evening cave. We don't know what they do after we close the door- but they are quiet until we open the door again in the morning. Then they come out and sit on the bed.

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