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Here is an overview of our trip:

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Our 2012 Spring Trip

We are back from our visit to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the surrounding National Forests and other natural areas in North Carolina and Tennessee.

We take nature's beauty as a witness of God's love for us, and are happy to share that beauty with you in our photographs and descriptions of what we saw.

Please checking back as we fill in missing entries.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012- Little River Trail and Elkmont Cookout

We went on the Little River Trail in the past and knew that Letty could easily travel on it. The trail follows the Little River and is a wide, hard packed gravel trail with a very gentle uphill slope from the trailhead near the Elkmont Campground.
Letty on the Little River Trail.
Yellow Trillium.

White Violets.

Letty views the river.

Tom takes his own picture along the trail.


Showy Orchis (Orchids)- a little past prime color.

When we got back to the campsite, it was time to cook the ribs that had been marinating all day in the fridge.  Letty suggested potatoes with them, so I made wedges.

Inspire by KFC, Tom prepared potato wedges for the campfire.

Marinated ribs are ready for the basket, while Letty does embroidery.

Ribs cooking in the basket with potato wedges roasting below in foil.

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